Meet the Makers

Thanks you for visiting us at and coming to find out who we are and how we got here.

Our team is made up of sisters Gem & Tess. We are both super creative, we have a passion for handmade beautiful gifts and we are always on the hunt for new trend and new ideas.

Gem stared of by making small gifts for family in 2017 whilst being a stay at home mummy to (Ri)*ley and A(va)*. Soon word got out about these charming frames and gifts. Soon making presents for family turned into making them for friends, then soon after for friends of friends of friends - and then it just went from there. 

“Who knew that my hobby would turn into a business, if only I knew sooner”

Gemma - Owner

The Name RIVA Gift has come from the very people who inspired us to start our business. Riley and Ava actually convinced us to start selling our gifts to family and friends as they where just too good to keep to ourselves.

Shortly after Tess joined the team and RIVA Gifts LTD was born! 

"We have always wanted to work together, and now we do. We don't just make any old gifts, we personalise pretty much all of our products. We make everything from baby gifts to personalised wedding favours to work wear. We now sell all over the Uk and soon to be worldwide.” Tess - Co-Owner

We have shops on Amazon Handmade, Etsy, Ebay and most importantly, we have just opened up our first shop in Banwell, Weston-Super-Mare. Feel free to drop in if you're passing or if you're too far away take a look at our facebook and instagram instead.

“it’s really important to us to make sure that our customers are really happy with the end result. We prefer to make completely bespoke designs that are one offs and we are always happy to change things to make a perfect gift that is completely personal to you.” Gem

We hope this has helped you understand our business a little bit more however if you still are unsure send us over a message or give us a ring. We are happy to help you and find something that is personal and completely bespoke to you.


Thank you


Happy Shopping


Gem & Tess

RIVA Gifts Ltd